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CRETACOLOR Battery Eraser

Original price R 429.00 - Original price R 429.00
Original price
R 429.00
R 429.00 - R 429.00
Current price R 429.00
  • Battery operated with 10 replacement erasers included
  • The eraser offers precision in erasing graphite and colored pencil
  • When the eraser is switched on the spinning action of the eraser lifts the pigment from the paper surface
  • This makes it ideal for correcting mistakes or re-working very small areas
  • The precise control offered by the eraser makes it suitable for highlighting
  • The eraser shape can be changed by working it on a spare piece of paper
  • A flat tip will give you a nice sharp edge which will erase a thin line
  • A round tip will allow you to erase a small dot
  • This eraser is designed as a drawing tool, for relining marks and amending small areas of your work
  • The eraser is operated by pushing down the button located on the top
  • It is perfect for left or right handed people and very comfortable to use
  • It takes 2 x AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • Spare Eraser Tips available soon