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SPEEDBALL® Nib Set B5/B6 (Broad Edge Round)

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The triple-reservoir design of these pen points allows for increased ink capacity and extended, smooth, uninterrupted ink flow. These hand-crafted stainless steel calligraphy nibs can be inserted into Speedball pen holders. The B-Series nib made its debut in 1916.  Like the A-Series, the B-Series has a bent end to form a “shoe” that can easily produce a uniform width line.

Unlike its counterpart, the Speedball B-Series nib has a rounded finish that makes it ideal for creating sans serif letters without thick and thin lines.  

  • Flexible nib, with a rounded tip
  • 2 nibs per pack: B5 (1.372mm) / B6 (0.38mm)
  • Perfect for creating a variety of monoline lettering, drawn letters (e.g. Versals) and “built-up” letters, such as the Double Stroke Poster Roman.