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SPEEDBALL® Individual Nibs

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Speedball's proud heritage for pen-making began in 1899, when the C. Howard Hunt Pen Company began manufacturing and distributing steel pens.  Nearly two decades later, in 1913, Hunt sought to improve upon the functionality of the lettering tools of the day and joined forces with master letterers Ross F. George and William H. Gordon in 1913 to contrive and perfect a nib with a reservoir.  It was nicknamed “Speedball” because of the efficiency of the pen, which cut working time in half.  

Whether you prefer a broad edge nib or are a pointed pen enthusiast, Speedball manufactures a nib that is precisely-crafted to suit your needs.  Their commitment to quality is evident in every nib that is created in our plant in Statesville, North Carolina.  Utilizing the same historically proven processes specifically catered to each individual nib’s design, Speedball takes painstaking measures to ensure that each of their nibs meets even the most discerning standards.  In addition to the highly-trained team that is responsible for making your Speedball nib, they have a dedicated member of our Speedball family that hand-inspects all nibs, one by one, that passes through production.  

The triple-reservoir design of these pen points allows for increased ink capacity and extended, smooth, uninterrupted ink flow. Currently available in the B-Series.

    • The B-Series nib made its debut in 1916.  Like the A-Series, the B-Series has a bent end to form a “shoe” that can easily produce a uniform width line.  Unlike its counterpart, the Speedball B-Series nib has a rounded finish that makes it ideal for creating sans serif letters without thick and thin lines. 
    • B-Series is perfect for creating a variety of monoline lettering, drawn letters (e.g. Versals) and “built-up” letters, such as the Double Stroke Poster Roman.