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PLATINUM Preppy Fountain Pen

Original price R 129.50 - Original price R 129.50
Original price
R 129.50
R 129.50 - R 129.50
Current price R 129.50

The Platinum Preppy has gained popularity owing to its high writing performance while maintaining a very low price since its launch. Along with the growing number of fountain pen users, there are more customers enjoying ink colors. This has led Platinum to create the colourful pens which allow you to write with the ink that complement the colour of your pen.

The nib is made of highly-polished stainless steel with a special alloy point resistant to abrasion. This high acid resistance and can withstand years of use without rusting or corroding even with acid ink. The Preppy also utilizes the Slip & Seal Mechanism, which prevents the ink from drying out inside the pen even after a year without usage, providing a smooth, consistent writing experience at any time. The Preppy model additionally offers a variety of nib sizes, including an extra fine of 0.2!

Enjoy it with the ink color of your choice.

  • Stainless steel nib available in 0.2 (EF), 0.3 (F), and 0.5 (M)
  • PC Resin transparent body available in different colours.
  • Each pen comes with a ink colour cartridge matching the pen's body.
  • Length: 138mm
  • Max diameter: 13mm
  • Weight :13g

Uses the proprietary Platinum Ink Cartridge Dyestuff Refills, and is compatible with the Platinum converters.