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PLATINUM Fountain Pen Converters

Original price R 189.50 - Original price R 209.00
Original price
R 189.50
R 189.50 - R 209.00
Current price R 189.50

These are high-quality fountain pen converters from Platinum Co., Japan. These propriety converters turn your Platinum cartridge pen into a plunger fountain pen. They fit onto any Platinum cartridge/converter pen. The converters replace the Platinum ink cartridges and have a satisfyingly large capacity.
Easily refillable, simply draw the ink up through the nib using the twist-action mechanism. Use this converter with bottled ink for pages of writing pleasure. 

This is a popular choice and will fit almost all Platinum fountain pens and is included with higher-end Platinum pens.

  • Used to accommodate any fountain pen ink by filling the converter with the fountain pen ink of your choice. 
  • With its easy screw-mechanism, you can move between the converter and any Platinum ink cartridge.
  • Plastic body, with either Silver or Gold accent. 
  • Holds 0.5ml 
  • Made in Japan