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LYRA Rembrandt Carbon Extra Dark

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Carbon Extra Dark. Pencil obtained by the right balance between charcoal powders in high concentration, graphite and Carbon Black pigment in a minimum percentage to increase the intensity of the black. It is recommended for giving exceptional intensity to the drawing, for defining volumes and areas of deep darkness. Combined with a white oil or dry pencil, it creates deep chiaroscuro effects in decisive contrast with the highlights. It is a mixed drawing pencil, combining dry matter with natural and synthetic oils in balanced doses to obtain the most energetic, strong and powerful black available among drawing pencils. The extraordinarily defined stroke uniformly covers the surface of the substrate. The pressure exerted on the sheet determines the intensity of the stroke and the natural brightness of the pencil which emerges above all in large backgrounds. Carbon Extra Dark is totally covering, on any type of paper, it is not very blendable but can be layered and is partially soluble with water or solvents thanks to its mixed nature. Sharpenable with a large hole pencil sharpener or knife. It has a round casing made from strong Mexican cedar wood and has a 5mm diameter core. The very high colouring power of Carbon Extra Dark requires a fixative. Carbon Extra Dark can be used on any type of paper due to the richness of its composition. The grain of the paper and its colour determine the variables and allow for different uses, from undefined sketches moving towards solid work with precision detail.