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DANIEL SMITH Paul Wang's Colour Play Set

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Paul Wang is an urban artist, visual storyteller, art and design educator and known for living in the moment of his sketch art. His passion for capturing the moment and enjoying the journey while relishing in the surprises and unknowns is contagious. 

“This set is a little laboratory filled with 10 of my favorite essential colors. They are transparent, granulates beautifully and highly mixable. Use these colours on their own or mix them to create colour tension and attraction. Watch these beautiful colours push, pull and swirl in colourful dances. The possibilities and combinations are as infinite as your imagination. I know these 10 exciting colours will allow you to create a myriad of new mixes that will entice the eyes” - Paul

Paul also credits urban sketching for the connection to DANIEL SMITH. In 2017 he met the owner of DANIEL SMITH, John Cogley, at the Chicago Urban Sketching Symposium event, which lead to his use and love for the products and to becoming a Brand Ambassador.

Paul is very passionate about teaching creativity and after 20 years of teaching, Paul sees the need for sets like the one developed in this partnership of DANIEL SMITH Colour Play Lab. He says about the set, “This is a tool to ask questions, to enjoy, to just draw and come as you are, you don’t have to worry about results. This is the heart of it”. Paul considers himself representative of the large population of creatives that are not Master Painters, but on a color journey that continues to grow and explore in unlimited ways and not bound to a traditional process.