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DANIEL SMITH Milind Mulick's Master Artist Set

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Original price R 795.00
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This newest set of beautifully bright primaries was created by Milind Mulick, who has been an internationally recognized artist for over 35 years and is revered as one of the foremost watercolorists of India. Click each color to learn more about its properties.

“With the three primaries, I can mix any secondary or tertiary color. Essentially my paintings are Indian scenes with tropical greenery. I use Hansa Yellow Light with Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade) to mix fresh greens. Add reds to that mix for more green variants. Neutrals & Browns are Phthalo Green mixed with Crimson, or Pyrrol Scarlet respectively. Add a warm & a cool shade of the blues & reds, and these six beautiful shades mix the entire color spectrum in my paintings.” - Millind