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DANIEL SMITH George Politis' Master Artist Sets

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“DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors are a true love story for me, similar to when you fall in love with a person – you must not fail the other. These have never failed me and I am very loyal.”

George Politis has been working with DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors since 1995 and he admits that he is very drawn to the unique colors in the range. “One of the best qualities is that they are professional grade and yet a beginner can use them without creating mud,” he states. “This is a dynamic way for newer artists to safely build their craft, as they can mix without the common fear of creating mud with one wrong turn and getting discouraged.”  George enjoys creating depth in his work with unique colors by mixing directly on the paper to create many layers in the darkest areas of his paintings.

George carefully curated the palettes for his two sets – they’re the perfect option for artists to experience a cohesive palette within the full range of colors. Selecting colors was a difficult task, as he wanted to inspire users to create their own style, yet show off some of the unique combinations of his personal palette. He decided to apply these three rules to guide his choices:

1)  Choose colors critical to Greek landscape paintings (his home country)

2)  Include Primatek colors with their unique granulation diffusions

3)  Introduce impressive metallics which are a must-have for adding the richness of texture

Set I contains the main colors George uses to depict the beauty of Greece. He loves the granulation and clarity of Cerulean Blue for skies, the intensity of Indanthrone Blue, the beauty of Quinacridone Gold for underpainting and light accents, the warmth and versatility of Mayan Orange, the granulation of Green Apatite, and his most favorite Moonglow for textures, shadows and mixtures.”

George Politis’ Master Artist Set I includes:

Set II contains the main colors he uses for textures. He loves the warmth and glow of Aussie Red Gold, the “wow factor” of Pyrrol Scarlet, the range of reddish to brownish nuances of Piemontite Genuine, the intensity of Lunar Blue, the magic and versatility of Cascade Green, and the strength and granulation of Bloodstone.

George Politis’ Master Artist Set II includes: