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Did you know that the watercolor dot card originated with DANIEL SMITH Watercolors? Crafters and watercolor beginners will love these two mini sets of dot cards – Watercolor Confetti and Mineral Marvels – for experimenting with different colors and painting small art projects.

Packaged in handy take-along boxes, each set comes with with nine cards, each with four extra large dots of color (4 times as much color as our regular dot cards),  for a total of 36 colors. These little cuties are easy to carry with you to paint whenever and wherever inspiration strikes!

Confetti is about celebration and joy, so each card’s palette in this set has a fun theme like Paint FlowersBorn to Sparkle and Gemstones are a Girl’s Best Friend, with a painting tip or motivational quote featured on the back. The images below show each dot card directly out of the box (left), the colors after brushing the dots with water and swatches of each color painted out.

With Minerals, you get to sample all 36 PrimaTek colors in this set of dot cards, organized in themes like Green Gems, Red Earth and Oceanic. Experience the unique colors and magical granulation effects from the minerals used for making PrimaTek watercolors, such as these shown (from left): fuchsite, lapis lazuli, blue apatite, amazonite, amethyst, black tourmaline and red fuchsite.