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DANIEL SMITH Angus McEwan's Master Artist Set

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“DANIEL SMITH Watercolors are the perfect vehicle for me to produce work with vivid color and fantastic greys. I trust these paints to provide a matte surface that allows beautiful, velvety darks and sharp, contrasting colors that are perfect for my brand of realism, time after time. They are my choice because they’re strong, consistent, vibrant and most importantly, predictable.”

Angus McEwan is known for pushing the limits of what can be done with watercolor. He applies colors thickly and enjoys the optics of mixing layers to create richly transparent art. He even creates his own tints with white to complement his palette.

Since he uses an extremely wide scale of colors in his work, choosing just 10 colors for this set was very difficult. He decided on colors that feature both warm and cool effects, along with favorites that are regularly on his palette. DANIEL SMITH Cobalt Blue is always on center stage in his work. He also loves Cobalt Teal Blue, Prussian Blue, Manganese Blue Hue and the full Quinacridone line, with Burnt Orange being a personal favorite.

Angus McEwan’s Master Artist Set includes: