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DALER-ROWNEY Cryla - 75ml

Original price R 159.50 - Original price R 209.00
Original price R 159.50
R 159.50
R 159.50 - R 209.00
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Artists' Heavy Bodied Acrylic Colour. 

Available in 87 colours and 4 series

Daler-Rowney has recreated a selection of essential colours used by the old masters. Using blends of permanent, safe, modern pigments, these hues have been recreated to match the original pure pigment colours produced by Daler-Rowney in the early 20th century. These historical hues in the Cryla Artists’ Acrylic range allow artists to explore colours used by the old masters in a permanent, safe acrylic form.

All the metallic colours contain imitation metallic pigments and genuine metallic pigments. Genuine metallic pigments are not stable in acrylic colours, as they tend to tarnish in a relatively short period of time. Coated mica flakes are therefore used to give the impression of a genuine metallic pigment. The titanium-coated mica flakes used in Cryla Artists’ Acrylic give the colour a brilliant lustre similar to genuine metallic colour