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Coarsely ground oil colours

Italian Natural Earth Colours. The harmony and warmth of Italian earth tones. These colours derive from the ancient pigments always used to create the colours characteristic of the various Italian schools of painting. The colours of Roman villas, of Venetian palaces, of the towns of Umbria and Tuscany. The grain size of the pigment is larger than in traditional oil colours. The paste is thicker, the appearance more opaque for a different refraction of the light. These colours can be mixed with any oil paint devoid of organically synthesized colourants.


The harmony and warmth of the tones of the Italian earth. Raw earths are born from pigments of ancient origin that have always been used to produce those colours which, until a few years ago, characterized the pictorial schools widespread in Italy. The colour of the houses of Rome, of the palaces of Venice, of the urban fabrics of Emilia or Tuscany. The particle size of the pigment is higher than conventional oil paints. The body is more full-bodied, the appearance more opaque due to a different refraction of light. The most natural tone and the thickest and most material application. Raw earths can be mixed with all oil colours, free from organic synthesis colouring additives. 


Places that have their own colour capture the imagination. Center of a world, the Mediterranean unites the hues of civilizations and unforgettable places. Mare Nostrum. Sunny are the essential tones suitable for making the magic of an agreement. Pure, and one can say fundamental, the colours of this light are calibrated to obtain every nuance and every modulation necessary for a luminous and natural painting. It is a chromatic range particularly suitable for painting for warm, brilliant and harmonious tones, for working en plein air in sunny landscapes with vivid and enveloping light. The raw, rough, material finish reflects a soft, muted glow.