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ARTBOARD Reflex Da Capo

Original price R 79.90 - Original price R 139.50
Original price
R 79.90
R 79.90 - R 139.50
Current price R 79.90


  • Each artist is searching for a good and solid pa- per to create his ideas.
  • Watercolour da capo con- vinces with its natural colour and a light surface grain that gives a relaxing effect to the art work.
  • Watercolours appear vivid and brilliant on this convenient paper.
  • Light and rich in tinge the artist puts mood into the paper by graphite and charcoal. Playfully the effects of pastel painting appear in their complete colourfulness.
  • The various tech- niques generate a special charm on this beautiful paper. Watercolour da capo combines congenial fantasy and competence.