ToyKraft Sand Art Simple And Symbolic-ACTIVITY SETS-Brush and Canvas

TOYKRAFT Sand Art Simple And Symbolic

  • R 89.90

  • Simple templates symbolizing Madhubani art form have been specially created for children to stimulate interest in the rich art culture of India.
  • The pictures carry decorative double-line borders and semi-detailed interior offering ample scope to express artistic talent.
  • Line-work is done with marker pen and sand is applied in the inset spaces.
  • A mini funnel and spatula aid in application over small areas and in firmer fixation.
  • The completed sand art pictures can be framed and showcased as a constant reminder of the child's creative ability.


  • Madhubani Art Templates: 4
  •  Sand: 8 colours
  • Adhesive: 1
  • Mini funnel: 1
  • Marker pen: 1
  • Spatula: 1
  • Illustrated book on Madhubani