Olfa Stretch Wrap Cutter (CTR SK10)-Cutters & Cutting Mats-Brush and Canvas

OLFA Stretch Wrap Cutter (CTR SK10)

  • R 90.00
  • Save R 23

"SCOOP CUTS" shrink-wraps and plastic straps. Blade is hidden deep in the heart of the handle for limited exposure to avoid unintended cuts and not to damage content of the box. Tape slitter cuts packaging tape. Aceton and impact resistant handle. 
  • Continual blade exposure within a durable stainless steel blade channel
  • Symmetrically shaped, acetone-resistant handle
  • Built-in stainless steel tape splitter
  • No tool blade change
  • Convenient lanyard hole
  • Pre-loaded with a four-point SKB-10 safety blade
  • Cutting depth: 0.16″ (4mm)