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LYRA Rembrandt Sanquine Pencils

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Sanguine dry. It is made from iron oxides and clays combined using natural binders. On paper it leaves a characteristic reddish colour stroke, reminiscent of blood. It is used in artistic drawing to create works of art and sketches. The quality obtained is based on the concentration of the pigment and the perfect balance between pigment and binder which makes it possible to dose the strokes which can range from fine and clean to rich and intense. The medium, bright, non-orange tone is reminiscent of the colour used by Leonardo and Michelangelo. It blends perfectly thanks to the fine milling of the pigments which penetrate into the fibres of the paper in a uniform and even manner, starting from the full, dark and saturated tone to reach a light reddish and transparent shade. Easy to use for hatching, it can easily be erased with a putty rubber and should be sharpened with a knife, like all Fine Arts pencils, making a precision tip with sandpaper if required. All pictures created using this technique require the use of fixative.

Sanguine oil. Made with finely milled oxides and clays. Unlike the dry version, the generosity of the stroke is achieved by blending the pigments with oils which give a thick and full-bodied consistency which leaves a compact, soft and decisive stroke on white paper, creating a marked contrast between this pencil and the warm tone of the sanguine dry. Applied on satin or fine-grained paper, this pencil leaves a thick, uniform and intense stroke. It does not blend but gives better results when used with instinctive strokes which leave no room for second thoughts. The round casing in natural lacquered Mexican wood is easy to sharpen, protects the 5-mm core and ensures simple and precise use.