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LYRA Rembrandt Pastel Pencils White

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White dry. Dry white pastel pencil made with titanium dioxide and white clay combined with oil-free plant-based binders perfectly calibrated to guarantee optimum performance on paper. The core is compact and strong with a diameter of 5 mm to give wide and rich line. The finely ground pigment is idea for soft blending and well-defined highlights. Mainly used in combination with other dry pencils, such as the warm tones of charcoal, sepia, sanguine and coloured clays, white dry, when used for highlighting, is also perfect for making quick and suggestive touches with oil-based, black or coloured pencils on semi-coarse fine-grained paper white. On a black background their yield is extraordinary thanks to the high concentration of pigment. Dry pencils tend to lift off so use of a fixative is highly recommended.

White oil. White oil pastel pencil made with titanium dioxide and white clay combined with oils and waxes to make the core smooth, dense and pasty. It stratifies perfectly and is very covering. On rough surfaces the stroke alternates from full to empty, giving an oil tempera effect. It does not blend but does mix with other oil-based pencils by overlaying or dragging. It is not easily erasable due to the large amount of pigment. The white pencil, oil or dry, is ideal for contrasting lines and softening the brightest features creating a three-dimensional relief effect in an image and determining its depth. Its has the opposite effect to chiaroscuro which creates a movement in depth (i.e. an impression of going into the image), highlighting brings movement out towards the observer, enhancing volumes.