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LYRA Rembrandt Carbon Pencils

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Carbon. Obtained from the perfect combination of charcoal powders, graphite, oils and waxes, Carbon is the right pencil for sketches and drawings where a particular intensity of the stroke is needed. The pasty and full stroke provides the opportunity to achieve dark and velvety tones and very defined contrasts. Compared to charcoal, which is totally matt, Carbon leaves a semi-opaque black mark and by increasing the pressure on the paper the stroke increases in body and brings out a natural shine. The natural binder ensures that the pigments adhere perfectly to the paper. Carbon is partially blendable, it can be drawn across the paper but only for short stretches as it rapidly lightens out. It is a pencil which can be used to easily combine, within the same drawing, details made with clean and clear black strokes (of a thickness which can be adjusted by altering the slant of the pencil) and an indefinite, partially blended area, le– to the imagination. The concentration of the pigment is very high, the mixed binder, with an oily component, makes the 5mm core more resistant and harder than charcoal. The round casing in matt black lacquered cedar wood protects the core and makes it sharpenable even with a large hole pencil sharpener. Carbon is erasable using a putty rubber based on the intensity of the stroke. The best results, when drawing with a mixed pencil like Carbon, are achieved on a light grain substrate which enhance the body of the stroke making it easy to obtain intense and full blacks. Carbon is dense and rich, adheres well to the paper and use of a fixative spray is recommended to prevent marks and smearing.