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DALER-ROWNEY Langton Rough

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Daler-Rowney The Langton Watercolour Paper is a high-quality watercolour paper. The paper is colour-stable, mould-made and acid-free, and ideal for wet in wet techniques.

  • 300gsm (140lb.) 
  • 12 sheets
  • 100% woodfree acid-free paper. 
  • Traditionally made on a cylinder mould machine.
  • 300gsm (140lb.) 
  • Ideal for wet in wet techniques and other media like pen, ink and pencil work.
  • High paper stability and resistance to tearing.
  • Made in England

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Also ideal for pen, ink and pencil.

The Langton is also very responsive to other media. Colour washes, pen and ink and pencil work perform to perfection due to the Langton’s high paper stability and resistance to tearing.