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DALER-ROWNEY Cryla - Filbert C30

Original price R 99.90 - Original price R 439.00
Original price
R 99.90
R 99.90 - R 439.00
Current price R 99.90

Being broader than the rounds and curving gently to a point, this brush is useful for strong tapering strokes.

Cryla Brushes are designed for acrylic painting and the Cryla range now includes more brush shapes and larger sizes. All brushes have natural-look synthetic fibres that offer good, even performance and strong levels of durability. They also feature a smoked finish, seamless ferrule and a silver-coloured handle retaining the classic Cryla style.

The synthetic bristles are useful with all heavy-bodied paints. The brush holds its spring with acrylics and comes to a fine point and chisel edge every time

  • Shape: Filbert
  • Handle Length: Long
Size 0: Hair Width: 4.9 mm / Hair Length: 9.5 mm
Size 2: Hair Width: 6.8 mm / Hair Length: 13 mm
Size 4: Hair Width: 11 mm  / Hair Length: 19 mm
Size 6: Hair Width: 13 mm / Hair Length: 22 mm
Size 8: Hair Width: 14 mm / Hair Length: 29 mm
Size 10: Hair Width: 20 mm / Hair Length: 33 mm
Size 12: Hair Width: 24 mm / Hair Length: 38 mm